Online e-Book Maithuna

Fifth Edition, online e-book
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e-book MaithunaIn the book Maithuna I will share and teach you through the fundamental techniques in the art of tantric lovemaking. Taking your time, tender and slowly yet in full presence of your touch and intimate connection and surrendering into the here and now. Love making on the tantric pillars Trust, Surrender, Equivalence and Purposeless...

A casual yet intense explorational experience without time of space limitations. Step by step you will learn the fundaments of tantric lovemaking, preparation, breathing techniques, visualization, chakras, energy exchange, more intense orgasms, Yoni or Lingam control, semen retention, delaying ejaculation and Kundalini awakening.

We go also deeper into topics such as, breathing techniques, pompoir-technique and postures (asana’s) to intensify the energetic exchange. You will be surprised who easy flow can be created that hold the potential to transmute into a blissful transcendental experience.

The last chapter is a tantric playlist of 111 songs you can download in Spotify.

Namaste, Martin

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