natural remedy for menstrual cramps

Period cramps relief?

Relieving menstrual pain (period cramps relief) has been possible for over 2000 years in a tantric way. How to do this you can read in the online e-book Maithuna. The book gives you, besides explanations about tantric love making, insights to get through your period in a gentle way. Your period is less painful and you continue to function. This remedy is very powerful with or without a partner.

What helps (even without a partner)?

What helps against menstrual pain is “Ellen’s favorite asana” (posture). You do this during (tantric) sex the day before your period. Even without a male partner you will get explanations on what to do against menstrual pain.

How it works?

Your menstrual pain is caused by the contraction of your uterus during your period. Your menstrual pain is much less severe if you help your uterus a little in advance. Your uterus does not have to work as hard, so it is much less painful for you.

For every woman?

Ellen’s favorite asana is practiced all over the world. This tantric insight makes menstruation more bearable. Maithuna is among the most natural remedies for menstrual pain. The knowledge of this has been withheld from women in the Western world causing them unnecessary pain during their periods.

Ellen tells about her experience

It is the rhythmic Lingam movement that stimulates my uterus and makes me forget everything. When we are in flow I experience a uterine orgasm which causes my uterus to tighten and relax again several times in a row.

Previously, on the first day of my period, I would lie on the couch with a warm hot water bottle. Unable to do anything, the day passed me by. Until I discovered my favorite asana….