Tantric lovers share experience

The most beautiful thing is to discover tantric love making. With (or without) your partner when you want to take the first steps in the fantastic experience. A number of lovers share their experiences.

Viviane (54)

“Dear friend, beautiful woman,

About two years ago I started looking for answers. Answers to the many questions that housed a lifetime in my head and heart, “Is this it now? Why are we here, where are we coming from, where are we heading, what is the Path, where does it begin and end? What is the meaning, what is the purpose? Am I who I am, who I can be, who I want to be, who I dare to be? Am I Woman?”

Of my own accord I started to delve into the spiritual, the ‘supernatural & subterranean’, read books that you, among others, gave me as a tip (thanks for that!), started meditation and yoga. Everything to get to know myself better as a human being and to value myself, because only in this way do you get to know and value the people around you better, only in this way do you get to know and love the universe.

One meeting during my quest made a special impression on me: I learned about the tantric way of life, based on the 4 pillars Trust, Surrender, Equivalence and Aimlessness. I learned that – contrary to what the Bible would have us believe – Man and Woman are Equal. I learned that Love is not exclusively a lofty mental or spiritual feeling, no, your physical Body is just as much a part of it, 100%. Shame, guilt and disgrace are feelings and words we banish in tantric teachings. When you trust, surrender yourself and leave all ‘thinking’ and result orientation behind, worlds open up for you – through tantric massages I was already allowed to have a few transcendent experiences, I cherish them as rare pearls. Maithuna is also a way – alone or together – to find an entrance via the body to, to connect with, the spiritual, the transcendent, The Higher Self, The Path. Using your body as a Key on the Door to the spiritual, it is as mysterious and beautiful as this sounds.  

The man who taught me these teachings is a very experienced tantrika – he is also a gifted storyteller and a passionate writer. And he has taken the trouble to put the tantric principles, culminating in Maithuna, on record, where these ancient teachings are still today mainly transmitted orally and with the hands/body. Not only to ensure that these ideas are preserved for posterity, but also to give every person, Man and Woman, here and now the opportunity to meet these teachings and get to know them better. I myself am very happy that I was able to meet this wise teacher, his teachings have brought me so much good as a human and as a woman, made me so much better – as much good and as beautiful an experience I wish you, so I gladly give you a copy of his book.

Read it as it is meant to be read: with open mind, heart and spirit – without prejudice – curious and eager to learn. I was pleased with it, and hope yours will be the same!

Namaste, all love,


Tess (28)

The most intense connection, all over, you really feel each other, let go of everything, without thinking, you touch the core… you feel the energy flowing in the moment, my whole heart is open, I feel Love. The more I experience the Maithuna the more intense it becomes. In fact, it is difficult to describe, not straightforward, intuitive and always different. In one word: DIVINE!!!

George (43)

Maithuna learned to free me from my feelings, making me feel a better partner and man. Previously, I had too rapid seed discharges, creating a sense of guilt toward Tess. That’s past time, I can enjoy much longer, without having to ‘perform’. Maithuna is a recommendation for every man… and of course.

Bob (37)

Free yourself thinking of nothing and enjoying the moment purely. You have all the time… With the right partner, intention and atmosphere you will experience the most intimate sensation in a long-lasting orgastic state. The book Maithuna helps me to write my own ‘travel stories’.

Martin thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience openly.

Ellen (36)

For me, the experience of Maithuna is the most special, but also the most elusive, thing that exists.

Think about and feel how nice it is when you can be all yourself in contact with the other, really exactly as you are. Not some role in which you adjust, need your wall, always feel a little restraint or need something. You certainly know the feeling that you think you are yourself and it ‘okay, but somewhere inside you feel you have accepted what it is or is going, because it might hear such a thing’. You think you are demanding, not doing your best, it may be up to you and so on. The feeling of being all yourself is fantastic and is something that every human person likes to experience and is looking for.

Many people make love and think they are enjoying, but do not know how or if it can be done differently. In tantric lovemaking you don’t think, you come into a flow where thinking doesn’t participate. So thinking in advance about how it will go is not even possible. It’s not at all about achieving something, doing your best, pleasing the other person. The flow of tantric lovemaking is about experiencing intimacy, the energy of the two of you together, completely from your feelings.

The whole world fades away and doesn’t matter. It is the feeling of complete trust, surrendering to the moment, forgetting about time, feeling pure love. For me it is vulnerable, can feel very emotional, and that can be very exciting, but at the same time I feel that this is it. This is life, everything comes together. It’s never the same, unimaginable and different every time. Maithuna makes me a more loving and complete person and has taught me to love myself and others more without fear and uncertainty. Not thinking, just feeling.