Tantric love making course 12 months



Course content

In the online course tantric lovemaking you will learn long lasting loving lovemaking. At your own pace you will learn to make love based on: Trust, Surrender, Equality and Purposelessness.


The course consists of 13 parts + 1 part for lovers which are processed into a coherent whole. Each part is important and contributes to a unique experience where you enjoy each other’s energy in the NOW.

Lesson 1: Preparation
Lesson 2: Chakras
Lesson 3: breathing techniques
Lesson 4: Activating Kundalini
Lesson 5: Exchange of energy
Lesson 6: Zaadlozing / delaying orgasm / intensifying orgasm.
Lesson 7: Yoni techniques such as Thrusting, Pulsing and Pompoir technique.
Lesson 8: Kundalini pumping
Lesson 9: Intuitive flow
Lesson 10: Asanas Shaktipad
Lesson 11: Asanas Shiva path
Lesson 12: Asanas Neutral path
Lesson 13: Transcendental experience
Lesson 14: Guda technique for the enthusiasts


Upon receipt of payment, you will receive the access code for the online course valid for 12 months.

Other information

Tantric love making is an enrichment of your relationship and is recommended from the online couples therapy Your Love.