Maithuna = tantric love making

Maithuna what is it?

Maithuna is tantric love making. Prolonged, timeless, lovingfull, enjoying in a ecstatic flow. Based on the tantric values: Trust, Surrender, Equivalence and Purposeless.

How can you do it?

Tantric teacher Martin explaines step by step how to make tantric love. The contains drawings, a playlist and explenation for period cramps relief

Tantic love making for everyone?

Everyone can make tantric love with and without partner. Within a relationship, Maithuna grows respect, intimacy and love. As a woman (Shakti) you will feel more intense and as a man (Shiva) you will get more patience and energy.

What more do you learn?

Experimentation can be done alone and together. You experience the exciting of Kundalini (sexual energy). As a woman you learn to pulse, the pompoir technique and become one with your Yoni (vagina). As a man you learn techniques to postpone an orgasm. Combining your skills, it becomes intuitive to experience the climax of an ecstatic flow.

What is ecstatic flow?

In the ecstatic flow your consciousness becomes greater than just yourself, you feel connected to something that is greater than yourself. It is a time when you are outside yourself. It helps to empty your head and make contact with your body. You feel one with your partner, the music, atmosphere, the universe… Your consciousness moves in a way that feels good and is good for you. A moment you experience with your partner or alone.

Maithuna and Erectile Dysfunction?

If your partner has no or insufficient erection, or even no Lingam (penis), it is possible to experience the Maithuna. The energy circulation is started by the intention, asana’s and pompoir technique, apart from penetration.

Maithuna and ADHD?

Does your partner have ADHD? In the book Martin explains how the ‘hyper-energy’ can flow for even more intensity.

How long does it take?

Tantric love making is timeless. If there is a lot of time then you can make wonderful trips. Even the weekly ‘11 minutes’ get more intense with the new skills.