Exclusively at Maithuna US you can buy the e-book Maithuna. This book describes how to make long-lasting love with maximum intimacy in a tantric way as well as teaching men how to delay ejaculation. The e-book contains a chapter about tantric living (awareness, mindfulness) in relation to yourself and others.

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Readers are invited to ask the author questions before or after a practice session if they need guidance.

More intense, eleven-minute sex

The spontaneous, traditional eleven-minute sex is not replaced by tantric lovemaking. But because with Maithuna, Shiva (the man) will learn how to postpone his ejaculation, enjoyment will be increased, and wild lovemaking will become much more intense.

Taking initiative

Experiencing maithuna is something couples do together to reach a state beyond time and space. Together, you decide when you start tantric lovemaking, because it lasts for several hours. When you have made tantric love several times, you can apply variations in the order of the asanas (positions). In the asanas, Shakti (the woman) learns techniques to increase her pleasure. For Shiva (the man), this is a very special experience. Shakti is leading, but as a variation, she can leave the initiative to Shiva.


The book is illustrated with unique drawings to clarify the maithuna techniques and positions (asanas). A more abstract form of drawing was chosen to avoid any connection with the porn world. This also applies to the terms used, such as yoni (vagina), lingam (penis), guda (anus), and maithuna (tantric lovemaking).


In the book Maithuna you will find all kinds of necessities for the ultimate maithuna experience. You will see while reading Maithuna that the necessities can be used for your comfort. So there is the coco Mood lighting, yoni trainer, Shakti massage oil, Asana overview, and Maithuna pillow. We can give you a price for all the necessities including the cost for shipment, keeping in mind the country where you live. If you like, we can prepare a quote for you at servicedesk(at)suppliez.eu.

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You don’t have to register on our Maithuna US website. This is a conscious choice, so no data leaks of personal information can occur.

Maithuna spiritual background by Barry Long

Barry Long (1926-2003) was a spiritual master who showed men and women how to live together in truth and tantric love (chapter Awareness in e-book Maithuna is partially inspired on his insights).

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