The origin of Maithuna (tantric lovemaking) goes back more than 2000 years. Maithuna is part of the tantric life style, the way tantrists (tantricas) live. Tantra is an attitude, not a religion. It exists already for a longer time than world religions and it does not fit within dogmas. Tantrists are aware of living in the ‘Here and Now’. In the Mindfulness many aspects origin from Tantra and mainly relates to the individual. You can find Tantra in all aspects of life, including eating, drinking, working, talking, dancing, massaging, relationships, love, and lovemaking.

More than crumbs

For a long time Tantra has been banned under the influence of world religions. The role of the woman was minimized to care for and satisfy men. The bible and Kamasutra were written in the same period. The Kamasutra in particular is focused on the pleasure of the man, whereby the woman should be satisfied with the ‘crumbs’. After thorough research and experimentation, tantric teacher Martin has described ‘how to make tantric love’ in the book Maithuna. It is the counterpart of the Kamasutra and therefore it has the subtitle “Kamasutra for Women”.


By following the described skills, positions and order, modern and conscious women and men can enjoy a more intense love life. A love life based on mutual respect, love and trust. Through practice you will experience a (transcendental) experience beyond time and space…

Transition period

We live in a transition period where we go from the Piscean period to the Aquarius period, in which people will start living more consciously. This also applies to the way in which people will look at their love life. The book Maithuna

.0may help you with this.


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