The tantric love techniques book is called Maithuna. The latter is written by tantric teacher Martin who is an experienced tantrist and tantric masseur. The book Maithuna reveals secret love techniques which will make you able to experience tantric lovemaking (Maithuna). Tantric love techniques offer so much more than the well known ’11 minutes’ sex. The latter is often referred to as unsatisfying for women. Tantra practitioners (tantrists or tantricas) will say Maithuna is an intense and intimate way of experiencing lovemaking. In Maithuna the woman is leading. Depending on what she enjoys during the tantric lovemaking will she indicate which tantric love techniques will be performed. She will guide the man through her preferred asanas. One of the tantric love techniques is that the man will be taught how to prevent a premature ejaculation. In this way you and your partner will be able to enjoy the tantric lovemaking without paying attention to time and the fear of a premature ejaculation. Therefore it can last for hours…{tab Beginners}

Unique and exclusive

Tantric love techniques bookThe tantric love techniques book Maithuna is unique, because it is written by a real tantrist (tantrica), Martin, who gives Maithuna courses and is a tantric masseur. The book is the only in its kind, describing in a simple way ‘How’ to perform tantric lovemaking and how to reach a state beyond time and space. The tantric love techniques book Maithuna is sold in small quantities and is exclusively intended for true bon vivants who may ask questions to the author.

More intense ’11 minutes sex’

The spontaneous traditional ’11 minutes sex’ is not replaced by tantric lovemaking. Because in this tantric love techniques book Shiva learn how to postpone his ejaculation, the enjoyment of Shiva will be increased and a ‘wild’ lovemaking will become much more intense.

Taking initiative

Experiencing the Maithuna you do together to reach a state beyond time and space after exercise. You take the initiative together to start with the tantric lovemaking, because it lasts for several hours. When you have made tantric love several times, you can apply variations in the order of asanas (positions). In the asanas Shakti (the woman) learns techniques to increase her pleasure. For Shiva (the man) it is special to be able to experience this. Shakti is leading, but as a variation she can leave the initiative to Shiva.


The tantric love techniques book is illustrated with unique drawings to clarify the tantric sex techniques and positions (asanas). The more abstract form of drawing was chosen to avoid any connection with the ‘porn world’. This also applies to the terms used such as Yoni (vagina), Lingam (penis), Guda (anus), and Maithuna (tantric lovemaking).

Tantric love techniques book for beginners

For beginners, Martin describes the preparations to create the right atmosphere. You will learn about the rituals, the postures (asanas), and techniques. Due to a lot of ‘practice’, both partners will grow towards a intuitive and intense form of tantric sex. For couples this is the most joyful shared hobby.

Tantric love techniques book for advanced

When both control all of the techniques, you can let the Kundalini (life energy or sexual energy) flow more intensely. This energy flows in your body, in the body of your partner, and in the both of you. Finally, you will be able to experience a state beyond time and space. This is seen by tantrists as the ultimate state of ‘being’. The tantric love techniques book about tantric love making, Maithuna, gives the opportunity to partners to lovingly enjoy from each other in the ‘Here and Now’.

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